Duke DP - Starter Kit

$ 19.95 USD

1ea Duke Dog Proof Trap, 1ea Duke setting Tool and 1ea Maces Shellfish oil.

This kit is great for anyone who just wants to experiment with the DP's to see if you like them, but it is also great for that pesky raccoon problem you may have living in the city.


Muskrat & Mink Trapping -Starter Kit

$ 73.95 USD

6ea #110 Duke Traps, (Image shown with one trap)

6ea #1 Coil Spring Traps, Image shown with one trap)

1pk Trap Tags, 1 Brown Logwood Dye,

1 lb Bar of Wax, 1 roll 16ga Tie Wire,

1 Hawbaker-Mink & Muskrat Trapping Book,

1 Maces Anise Oil,

1 Troups Rat Race & 1 Troups Pocket Pill. 

Total Retail Value $96.95


Raccoon Trapping - Starter Kit

$ 89.95 USD

3ea. Duke DP's, (image shown with 1 trap)

3ea. Duke #1 1/2, (image shown with 1 trap)

1pk Trap Tags,    1 roll 14g Tie Wire,

1 Hawbaker Raccoon Trapping Book,

1 Maces 1oz Shellfish Oil, 1 Maces 16oz Fish Oil,

1 Hawbakers 1oz Raccoon Lure,

1 Brown Logwood Dye, 1lb Trap Wax.

Retail Value  $112.55


Red & Grey Fox -Starter Kit

$ 93.95 USD

 6ea. Duke #1 3/4 offset (image shown with 1 rj cs trap)

1 Metal Dirt Sifter, 1 pk Trap Tags

1 Brown Logwood Dye, 1lb Trap Wax,

 1 pr Fox Trappers Gloves,

1pk  Round Fiberglass Pan Covers,

1 Maces 4oz Red Fox Urine, &  1 Maces4oz Grey Fox Urine

Lures included

1-1oz Hawbakers Red Fox 100, 1-1oz Hawbakers Grey Fox 100 , 1-1oz Hawbaker Red & Grey Fox Lure 200,

1 Fox/canine Bait (you can request something we stock if you like, or our choice)

1 Hawbaker Red & Grey Fox Trapping Book

We Changed a the lures around for the different Temps and weather then shown!

Retail Value - $129.95


Mink & Muskrat Starter ( Body Grip Kit)

$ 89.95 USD

6ea Duke # 110 (image shown with one trap)

6ea Duke # 120 (image shown with one trap)

1ea Hawbakers Mink & Muskrat Trapping Book

1ea Hawbakers Muskrat #1 Lure

1ea Hawbakers Mink # 1 Lure

1 pk Write ur own trap tags

1 roll 16 ga tie wire

1 pk Body grip supporters

retail approx $112.95


Raccoon Beginer Kit

$ 67.95 USD

2ea Duke # 1 1/2 coil spring

2ea Duke Dog Proof Traps

1ea Dp setting Tool

1 pk Write ur own Trap Tag

1 4oz Maces Fish oil

1ea Maces Shellfish oil

1ea Maces Cherry oil

1 roll 14 ga tie wire

1 Hawbakers Raccoon Trapping Book

Retail Value approx. $83.95