FC Taylor Mini Bear Trap w/Swivel Keychain

$ 14.95 USD


Big PAWS Stuffed Bear

$ 9.99 USD

Soft material for that special little boy or girl. Approximate 7" sitting. 


Willie Bear with Coon cap 14"

$ 15.75 USD

Soft material for that special little boy or girl. 


Small Coon Cap

$ 9.99 USD

Great size for kids with real coon tail. Average length is approx. 10"


Large Coon Cap

$ 9.99 USD

Great size for adults and teens with real coon tail.  Average length is approx. 10"


Child's Lined Beaver Hat

$ 9.99 USD

Cute embroidered hat with beaver face on the front. Made out of synthetic material.  Tail is 10" in length and there is elastic in the back of hat for more of a comfortable fit.  



Pack Basket Soap Dish

$ 9.99 USD

This soap dish is a great addition with the matching  toothbrush holder. Polystone 3.75"x5.25"


Pack Basket 3" Ornament

$ 5.99 USD

Woven Basket with gold ribbon hanger. 


Gray Fox Necklace

$ 6.99 USD

This Gray Fox Necklace has the paw print on the other side of the necklace and there is a little writeup that comes with the neclace. 


Raccoon Necklace

$ 6.99 USD


Beaver Necklace

$ 6.99 USD


Coyote Necklace

$ 6.99 USD


Coloring Book

$ 2.95 USD

This coloring book is a one of a kind. Kids will love it and they might learn something as well. Illustrated by Bob Anderson.  Full color cover. 48 pages. 


Buddy Moose Plush 10"

$ 10.99 USD

Super soft plush stuffed animal for that special boy or girl. 


Pack Basket Picture Frame

$ 13.99 USD

Frame is 8"wide x 8" tall.  Holds a 6x4 picture. 


Pack Basket Salt & Pepper Shakers

$ 9.99 USD

polystone 6"x2"x3"   


Resin Pack Basket Ornament

$ 4.99 USD

This is a hot seller.  A perfect ornament for that special trapper in your life. 


Handmade Bear

$ 150.00 USD

These bears are handmade with real raccoon fur. Each bear has it's own unique look as they are handmade, if interested please contact us 1st and we can send you a pic of the bears that we have on hand at that time. These are good quality bears and are approximately 12-13" high. (Photo is showing different styles we have. Price is for 1 bear.)