Minnesota Red

$ 7.00 USD

MINNESOTA RED: (Red Fox Gland) The "fox" comes out of the bottle when you open this one. This isn't a bottle of urine with a gland dragged through it, but rather very thick and heavy bodied. The real thing for the scent post set but also is a big plus at dirt sets when used with bait, as it removes suspicion as well as attracts.



Minnesota Grey

$ 7.00 USD

MINNESOTA GREY: (Grey Fox Gland) Made with the same care that goes into the "Minnesota Red" (Red Fox Gland) lure. A real killer whether used at post or dirt sets as it brings the greys in and makes them feel comfortable - until it's too late that is.


Minnesota Special

$ 7.00 USD

MINNESOTA SPECIAL: (All-Purpose Call) An early to mid-season lure. Recommended for use on all species of furbearers in the country. When most people hear the words "all purpose," they immediately think of your basic castor type lure. That's not the case here, as castor is only a minor ingredient. Prime emulsified spring muskrat glands make up the dominant odor with the castor and two imported musks being the underlying smell. A very thick and long lasting lure that will stay where you put it.



$ 7.00 USD

GUSTO: (Call) A call lure with more than a "skunky" smell. You will detect a sweet odor consisting of a generous dose of castor and muskrat musk. A couple of "special agents" added, to top it off. Consists of a thick base, so it hangs in there for a long time. Use "Gusto" above your set during warm weather and directly at your set when it starts to cool down. Ideal for red fox, grey fox, coyote, bobcat, marten, and fisher.


Yodel Dog

$ 7.00 USD

Yodel Dog: (Coyote Gland) Very thick, long-lasting natural gland lure that will really stir up those "howlers". Made from glands aged to perfection. Not only the answer to post sets but really dresses up your dirt hole and flat sets.


Feline Fix

$ 7.00 USD

FELINE FIX: (Bobcat Gland) A good bobcat gland lure will not only collect those high priced cats but fox and coon as well. “Feline Fix” does it all. This is a very thick lure loaded with expensive bobcat glands for those of you who want the natural cat odor.


Mink Master

$ 7.00 USD

MINK MASTER: (Mink Gland) In plain talk, this one just plain smells like the tail end of a mink. Gets those big, dominant bucks moving, as its odor means there's a trespasser on their turf. Also works well on fox, coyote, and raccoon.



Violator 7

$ 7.00 USD

Violator-7 - (Predator Gland/Call Lure) - A thick, strong, musky lure for Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Fisher, Marten and Raccoon. Use at either dirt hole or flat sets. A properly balanced blend of weasel, muskrat, mink, and red fox glands plus beaver castor and a hint of skunk. After aging for a full year it is fixed and stabilized.


Canine Force

$ 7.00 USD

CANINE FORCE: (Canine Food/Call) Fox and coyote lure used at dirt hole sets. Works fine during the early season but really shines later on due to its great calling power.



$ 7.00 USD

MOONSHINE: (Raccoon Call/Food) Will not only get a coon's attention, but will hold it until he's in your trap. Carefully controlled blend of eight coon-killing ingredients put together in just the right proportions in a waterproof long-lasting base


Cavens Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait 9oz

$ 9.50 USD

Long distance predator bait used with great success across the nation for the past 12 years. Aged to a good taint and is very loud. It works well alone or in connection with a good gland lure and is recommended for the dirt hole set. For red fox, grey fox, coyote, and raccoon.



Caven's Hiawatha Valley 16oz

$ 15.00 USD