Weibe 4" Skinning Knife

$ 10.95 USD

Features a non-slip lightweight handle

Wiebe Pelter Knife

$ 10.95 USD

The perfect knife for skinning animals like mink and muskrat or doing precise detailed work such as capping big game.

Wiebe Pelt Scraper

$ 16.95 USD


Wiebe 8" Fleshing Knife

$ 19.95 USD

With Non-slip handles. 8"x1" Stainless Steel Blade.

Wiebe 12" Fleshing Knife

$ 24.95 USD

With Non-slip handles.12"x 15/8 wide Stainless Steel Blade.

Weibe 12 inch Pro Double Handle Fleshing Knife

$ 39.95 USD

This high end 12" fleshing knife offers a double handle double edge blade... the one side is directed toward pushing and is semi sharp while the other side is super sharp and is meant for slicing.

Wiebe Tail Zipper

$ 7.95 USD


Wiebe Tail Zipper Replacement Blades

$ 2.95 USD

Comes in a pack of 5. This is for the blades only.

Wiebe Boss Dog Knife

$ 19.99 USD

Includes 24 replacement blades

Wiebe Artic Fox Folding Knife

$ 39.95 USD

Comes with 24 replacement blades and a black pouch.

Wiebe Vixen Folding Knife

$ 39.95 USD

This is a folding knife with 24 wicked sharp replacement blades and a durable nylon belt holster. This measures 7.5" when opened.

Wiebe Beaver Knife

$ 11.95 USD


Wiebe Monarch Skinning Knife

$ 19.99 USD

This is a lightweight knife weighing a little less than 3oz. Use this thin narrow blade for precise cutting and includes 3 replacement blades.

Wiebe Wicked Sharp Replacement Blades

$ 7.95 USD

Razor sharp & just snap in place. This is for a dozen pack of blades only.

Wiebe Wicked Sharp Replacement Blades 100pk

$ 39.95 USD

This is for a 100 pack of blades only.


$ 10.95 USD

This soft handle skinning knife has a 3" blade


$ 12.95 USD

This knife has a razor sharp blade as well as a serrated edge on top. This is a great knife to use for skinning anything, including deer hides. This is a great dual blade with multipurpose.